4 Office Interior Design Trends for 2020

By January 27, 2020Blog

Knowing when to update your office interior all depends on your budget. However, small changes can make a huge difference. There are numerous interior design trends for 2020 that would be incredibly useful and could last a lifetime if done the right way.


Each year there are new trends in terms of colour, design, elements and style. With technology evolving and staff wellbeing becoming an increasing priority, business owners are making attempts to adapt to office changes with both design and culture. 2020 shows that big things are coming and that change is something we all need to keep up with. These top 5 trends will help revolutionize your business and give you a little insight to how you could adapt your office space.

Chill out zones

Whether it’s to take 5 minutes away from the computer screen or work somewhere a little more relaxed than your desk, a “chill out zone” is becoming a popular feature for office space. Mental Health is on the rise and businesses are doing what they can to encourage staff to take a break and reduce stress in the workplace. An employee should be comfortable in their working environment so the benefits to this could have an impact on their wellbeing. Additionally, it can help productivity and motivation as ideas are often generated when you take a break away from the project and your screen.


Multifunctional Offices

Every organization would prefer to max out their office space so that they have multifunctional use rather than having limited room for the same amount of activities or meetings. Imagine having office space where you could hold several meetings at once or even hold one huge meeting just in one space? We don’t all work in the same place every day and we do not work for 8 constant hours a day. All individuals work differently so having a multifunctional office space offers that diversity of ways of working. 

Going green

A growing and highly discussed topic is the environment. Recycling materials, helping the environment become “more green” is important to thousands of people across the globe. Employees are starting to sway towards having greenery in the office which not only helps give more lift to your office, but it makes the design of your office have an extra appeal to it on a budget. Designers are looking at ways in which they can help the environment by using recycled materials that will still give your office the glow up it deserves. 


Neutral colours

The brightest and use of numerous colours have always been something that businesses should do to brighten up and design their offices. For 2020, neutral colours are said to be the element of significance. You don’t need the brightest colours in the office to stand out. Warmer shades and wooden decor are becoming a classic decor for office space this year. With this trend, it gives you the opportunity to be one of the first to re-decorate and design your office to the trends that are becoming a hot favorite this year.