IPL win contract with e-commerce giant Amazon

By October 8, 2018Blog

IPL Design and Build is thrilled to have recently won the contract to supply e-commerce giant, Amazon with maintenance access gantries for servicing the automated conveyor systems at their newly opened site in Bolton, Greater Manchester.

The project is already underway with the work set to be complete in just three weeks’ time and includes the installation of structural steel gantries to allow access at high level to the overhead conveyor systems. The contract came off the back of a recommendation from previous work IPL has carried out with the same engineer.

Ralph Hughes, Project Director at IPL Design and Build said, “IPL were chosen on past experience of being flexible enough to work within the confines of the existing installed systems without compromising the integrity of these and making sure that what IPL install remains independent of the currently installed structures.”

As highly experienced and trusted experts, IPL Design and Build now have a number of big-name clients in their project file with Amazon, PD Ports and De La Rue.