5 Ways to Fall in Love With Your Workspace

By February 13, 2017Blog

Let There Be Light!

Business colleagues at computer screen in office

While you may pay more attention to the styling, it’s a good idea to take into account the ergonomics of your environment, including your workspace lighting. So, to help lighten things up a bit, take a good look at your space and the natural light that’s already provided.

Do you have a window that gives plenty of natural light? If the answer is yes, move your desk and take advantage of all that beautiful natural light. If you’ve got a great view with little distractions, consider putting your desk right under the window. Natural light is way easier on your eyes.

A Home from Home

Personalised office space

It’s official, personalising your workspace improves your job satisfaction. The photo on your desk of a recent – although it seems like a lifetime away – holiday is more than just decoration or memory of happy times. It can actually improve your wellbeing and job satisfaction at work, according to a recent study by researchers at Eastern Kentucky University. The researchers found that when office workers were allowed to personalise their space, a greater level of wellbeing was reported.

Are you Sitting Comfortably?

Modern office chair

A good chair may be the single best investment you can make with regard to your comfort at work.  You don’t need to go high-end, the top factors to selecting a chair are: adjustable seat, adjustable armrests, lumbar support. For a little fun, try a big exercise ball, these are great in meeting rooms or as guest chairs for your desk!

Breathe Life Into Your Office

Bright modern office with desk plants

Can’t open a window? Add some plant life to your desk. Even a small plant will help purify the air and boost productivity. If you have very limited natural light and a plant may not survive, try adding faux-flowers or plants to your office and pair it with a humidifier or air purifier to help rejuvenate the stale office air.

Add a Splash of Colour  

Group of designers selecting colour swatches

Obviously, it’s important to get the balance right when it comes to choosing colours, and there’s more than just your employees’ productivity to consider. When choosing colours, it’s important to think about how it fits in with your branding and your business as a whole.

You don’t have to go all out when injecting some colour into your business premises to reap the business benefits. Vibrant accents set against more muted background colours also work really well. This could be something as simple as a few pieces of colourful art or office accessories, or you might want to try painting a vibrant feature wall or adding some colourful wallpaper to a feature wall.

Find Out What We Can Do For You

Here at iPL Design and Build, we provide a full range of services to maximise the efficient use of your business space, providing an intelligent design-led solution for commercial fit-out and refurbishment projects. With in-house design, planning and project management, we provide a full-service approach from concept design through to completion.

We would love to hear from you, whether you’re expanding, rebranding or refurbishing. iPL offer professional guidance to get the most out of your workspace, so if you have any queries on how to help you fall in love with your workspace, find out what we can do for you by contacting us today!

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