Interior design ideas to boost office morale

By November 30, 2017Blog

Office interiors are becoming increasingly inventive in their appearance. Recreational areas especially are now featuring some interesting additions which have been designed to create a relaxing ambiance whilst employees are on breaks.

With the inclusion of Astro Turf, deck chairs and bean bags, what is there to know when designing the interior space of your office?

Social space

Modern offices are now providing an alternative way to socialise. Take for example Jimmy’s Iced Coffee and Ticketmaster. Jimmy’s offices has skate ramps, trampolines and walls that are lined with quirky murals and memorabilia. Every week, skate evenings are arranged for employees to relax and wind down the working day. Employees also have stand up desks, making everyone more proactive. The kitchen is communal and open plan and there is no such thing as a dress code. Ticketmaster’s London office is ‘a home with a difference’. It is a social hub with an indoor slide and allows employees to place board games, ping pong, Xbox and football as one way of releasing inner creativity.

Bringing the outdoors indoors

Surprisingly easy to clean; office AstroTurf is becoming increasingly popular for communal areas. Some are also opting to purchase grass-mimicking carpets which can be softer than traditional Astro Turf. Such a design is often used as a statement feature, so would work well with some of the aforementioned office features such as a countryside wall mural, plants and even the deckchairs! Innocent, one of the largest smoothie companies in the UK have taken the outdoors indoors using benches, plants, bunting and garlands to decorate the office for a summery vibe. Innocent have got it covered as their communal areas are there to boost employee morale and to generate a relaxing environment that improves work ethic and a want to succeed in a welcoming environment.

Wall murals

Images of the idyllic countryside, lofty mountains or tranquil, warm beaches act in a manner that is twofold. If your employee morale is indeed high; workers are likely to appreciate and enjoy such images of beauty. Virgin Money has done exactly this and used a sky backdrop on the ceiling to help employees relax and unwind when reading or working, if hours and long and don’t often venture outside.

And finally…

Whilst it is good to promote employee relaxation and morale; business owners should contemplate the value added for each item. If your company is deciding to decorate the office with modern and edgy aesthetic features such as a lawn indoors, murals and woodland features, make sure it add to your brand values. Rather than adapting your office to merely look ‘nice’ and attractive to employees and guests, your office should reflect your brand ideals and how you wish to create a positive, energised and creative environment that will in turn boost productivity, results and company morale.

Via Savoy Stewart